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There is no doubt that the audio commentary or voiceover professions require any qualification in specific fields, and if there were any specific requirements that would help someone in this profession, in a good way, it would be media and acting. Indeed the profession relies heavily on the talent, training and practice from an individual, and there is no doubt that the Arabic content on the internet or anywhere else – unfortunately – lacks training in the field of audio commentary, and even with the lack of training this site remains to provide translation lessons for the artistic and non-artistic fields. But, in any case, we tried to gather a big number of Arabic and non-Arabic sources that would help with training in this field. I will try hard, God Willing (InshaAllah) to keep the site continuously up-to-date


Great voice

The voiceover guide



Voiceover Extra



Voiceover Experts

Voice Over Cafe



Open Book Audio – Youtube

Bill DeWees – Youtube

Such a voice – Youtube

 Susan Berkley – Youtube



The Definitive Guide to Voice Over Success

Voice Acting For Dummies

 The Sound Of Your Voice-Audiobook

What It’s Like Behind the Mic

Voice Actor’s Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road


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