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50 advices to talk like a professional voiceover“: More than 50 advices for new broadcasters, voiceover talents and elearning teachers that will help them in their new career to talk like professional broadcaster.

From this small booklet:

There is a rule says: “the microphone is the listener’s ear”, so, imagine that the microphone you speaking to is the listener’s ear, do not shout, and do not whisper.

Smile, yes smile, it is true that there is no one watching you, but be careful, your dullness, tepidity, happiness or sadness moves to the listeners, so; smile because smiling is contagious.

Learn the right tone, how? Imagine that there is someone who is sitting beside you in the same room, how will you talk to him? Whispering? No! shouting? No! but a clear speaking at a medium level of voice.

50 advices to talk like a professional voiceover

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